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In Season Two of Strangers, Isobel switches from host to renter when she moves across the country with her best friend, Cam. On the cusp of 30 and now living in NYC, it's Isobel's year to explore the many different paths to adulthood, starting with a new neighborhood each episode. As a woman living fully in the bi-sphere - bisexual, biracial, and now bi-coastal - Isobel is saying yes to life and asking the most difficult question: where do you belong when you’re in between everything?

We’ll witness Isobel fall madly in love with a woman in an open marriage, find comfort in a flirtatious friendship with her male co-worker, ride the ups and downs of new and old friendships, all the while pursuing her dream of being a writer in this city where dreams either come true or come crashing down.

Strangers Season 2 is about second chances and Isobel will soon learn you are never too old to try something new.



S2:E1 The Big (Gr)apple

Isobel and Cam have made the big move to New York City together, but quickly find their experiences couldn't be more different. When their apartment search gets tricky, Isobel has to get creative.

S2:E2 Open Mari(age)

S2:E4 The Disappearance of Katia Romaine

S2:E3 Maskulinity

S2:E5 Big Little Chill



Season Two is OUT NOW!

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